Contact & Location

Owners: Bonnie & Bill

Hudson River Landing Farm
795 Cape Rd
Carnesville, GA 30521

1-706-335-9423 or

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The below map will get you roughly one mile from Hudson River Landing Farm. Find Cape Road and head south for one mile to find us.

Flight Information

Hudson River Landing (33GA) is located on the Atlanta Sectional

34 degrees 15.6 minutes N;  83 degrees 17.2 minutes W

PDK VOR 065 degree radial, 55nm

AHN VOR 005 degree radial, 20nm.

Runway is 2000′ grass; left traffic;  Runways 1-19;  Windsock in center of field on east side of runway.  Runway 1 slopes up at 2.5–3.0%. Center of strip approximately 665′ MSL;  TPA 1600′ MSL. Generally, land uphill to the north and takeoff downhill to the south. Caution for traffic on road crossing southern end of field, trees and rising terrain to the north, and tower 1.5nm SE of field.

CTAF 122.9