Natural Forage Pineywoods Beef


Because buying direct is different than buying from the local grocery store and because our prices are market driven, we provide the follow information:

In order for us to sell direct you must purchase all or a portion of a live animal and then pay for butchering costs. Our prices are market driven and include a premium for raising animals in the natural manner described in this website. 
We use the following formula in pricing our animals: Live animal weight X Market price for feeder cattle + $.75/pound HRLF premium + $0.65/pound hanging weight butchering costs. 
Typically 50% of the live weight makes up the hanging weight. After aging, the butcher cuts and packages the meat and about 70% of the hanging weight ends up as packaged edible weight.   We calculate the front half of the animal as 45% of the total. 
If you wanted the meat from a 700 lb bull calf we would sell you a live animal and calculate the price as follows: 
[700 lbs X $105.25 per hundred weight (3/15/07 market price for feeder cattle)] + [700 lbs X $.75 (HRLF Premium)] = $1,261.75. To this you would add $0.65/pound X 350 lbs hanging weight for butchering costs ($162.50) for a total price of $854.75 for 175 pounds of the best-tasting healthiest meat on the market!  This is $6.08/pound. If you wanted the hind quarter it would be $409.54 for 67 lbs. of packaged meat and the front quarter would be for $355.08 for 55 lbs. of packaged meat. Be aware that the actual weights are estimates and will vary due to quality and skill of the butcher.
Our normal minimum order is 1/4 of an animal (please specify whole, half, front quarter or hind quarter). Please note that your actual price will depend on the market price, animal weight, and butchering costs on the date of slaughter. Below is a link that provides up to date market prices on feeder cattle. Our calves run 450 to 600 lbs. Actual amount of locker meat will depend on weight and specifics of the butchering process. All meat will be delivered frozen, vacuum wraped in clear cellophane, and labeled “not for commercial sale.” 
Approximate amount of edible meat from a 700 lb live-weight calf. Note that actual amount will depend on the weight of the animal on the day of sale, quality of the animal, and skill of the butcher.
Whole Animal 245 lbs
Half Animal 123 lbs
Front quarter   55 lbs
Hind quarter   67 lbs


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